Monday, 6 August 2012

Organizing Spices

Hello everyone!!! today i am going to show you how i have organized my spices.

From past couple of weeks  I was finding the ideas for organizing my Spice drawer and I did find lot of ideas, but they were far to expensive…for which I am not interested…I always try to save money. This is my way of Organizing Spice drawer. Hope you all like it…

For this you will need 
  • Similar size jars, 
  • Permanent marker,
  •  And some stick on.  
 I  Never throw away any glass jars which i use (Pasta jars or Mayonnaise Jars) I always stock them up. You can get small jars in a dollar store. See through jars are the best for storing spices.
For organizing my spice drawer what i have done is i have washed and dry all my jars...... then i fill in the spices and lastly i have named them on top.
As you can see in front i have organized all my (Coriander seeds, Carom seeds, Mustard seeds & Cumin seeds) and i have named them all on the top and on the right side i have kept all my Whole Garam Masala (Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves n all) and on the left side i kept all my Indian spices and in between i have kept my Masala Dabba as we call it in India where we can get all the spices at once. I have shared my Masala Dabba picture below.

Hope you all like my post....Thank you...