Friday, 5 October 2012

Save Money By Making Monthly Grocery List...

Why a Grocery List

  • It helps you plan better for what you are going to cook.
  • It prevents you from going back to the store for the forgotten ingredient.
  • It helps you to eat healthier because you'll be less likely to reach for something on impulse.
  • It will save you money because you will not be so tempted to grab stuff that is not on the list.
  • It Saves time
  • And avoid stress

Please do not pass this page to anyone its for your personal use.

There are other items that you can add to your list like Baking or Breads or Medicine or Frozen. Depends on where do you stay and what you get nearby your place.
I usually do this planner in excel and mail it on my ID so when i am in mall i can easily access it.  
Try this organizing grocery planner and m sure you will stop buying all unwanted/surplus things which you usually see in malls.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

How to organize cables cords and wires...

How to manage Cable jungle, With the increase in home computer network, theater system and electronic devices of every genre, comes a new organizational challenge. 
Cable management systems are also called wire, cable or cord wraps, straps, covers, tracks, organizers, managers, caddy's or ties. Their functions also vary, while some basically bundle cables and hold them together, other devices will attempt to hide the excess cabling in a small plastic or rubber enclosure.

Organizing cable cords can be pain however there are few tricks where you can organize everything at your home with zero cost.

 1) Take a shoe box and arrange rollers vertically like honeycomb. You get rolls in your everyday  kitchen paper and toilet paper. Take your wires wrap them and organize them. Here you can label them from outside on your shoe box.

Image courtesy PC

 2) Hang it on binder clips as simple as that.

Image courtesy PC

3) Again this can be done with shoe box. You can add labels to it and it looks great.

Image courtesy

4) Never ever throw your shoe boxes, again this organizer is of shoe box.
Follow this link for step my step instruction how to make this organizing box.

Image courtesy 

5) If you have this kind of see through bags you can organize your cords in it.

6) Another way of  organizing your cords is in your beer boxes. So next time when you throw a party save your beer boxes.

7) Now a days we get some see through wall hangings they have pockets in it. You can organize your cords in your wall hangings by labeling it. I m sharing one pic with you of wall hangings.

Image courtesy

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Monday, 24 September 2012

What to gift someone when they have everything….

Here are few ideas I am sharing with you guys.

  • Flowers:  Flowers are lovely when they are new. Make beautiful bouquets and gift it to that special person.

  • Mouse rug: Vintage mouse rug will be great to gift (


  •  Gift cards: Oo yes they work best

  • Liqueur:  another good option to gift someone special

    • Books: There is a book for every special person.

    •  Simple classic plates: Now who don’t love plates? You can just mix n match n gift some classy plates.

    •  DVD: How about giving them new release or classic movie DVD.

    •  Goody Bag: You can gift Goody bag of their favorite brand.

    •  Tickets: If they are adventure lovers buy them tickets to theme park or hot air balloon ride.

    • Photo Frame: For enchanting memories you can gift a personalized photo frame.

    If you have any other ideas i will be glad if you all share with me.

    Hope you all like my post...